Friday, 28 August 2020

Welcome back message.


We look forward to welcoming our wonderful pupils back to St. Patrick's Junior School this Monday, 31st of August.

We have a special video for all our pupils, parents and guardians to show you what school will be like.

Thursday, 27 August 2020


The best way to prevent the spread of Covid 19 in a school is to minimise the risk of introduction of the disease into the school setting in the first place.” (Covid Response Plan, p.7)

This is a working document. It will be reviewed regularly and measures will remain in place only as long as necessary. It is likely that aspects may change as the situation evolves.

Foreign Travel


Families must respect government guidelines in relation to foreign travel.

Any pupil who has travelled to a foreign country (not on the green list) must restrict his/her movements for 14 days and should not attend school.



We will depend on every family's cooperation in keeping pupils with any symptoms of Covid 19 at home.


       High temperature

       Breathing difficulty


       Sudden loss of taste or smell

       Flu-like symptoms

If a child displays symptoms at school, he/she will be brought to the isolation area and a parent will be contacted to collect the pupil immediately. In the case of a positive Covid test, the HSE will contact all relevant parents and staff who have come into close contact. The school has no role in contact tracing or informing those who may have come in contact with a pupil or staff member who tests positive.

Staggered Start/Finish Times

Start times: Pupils can arrive anytime between 8.50am and 9.10am. Please do not feel you need to be there at 8.50am. Stagger your arrival time.


Finish times are staggered. Junior Infants from 1.20pm-1.40pm (October onwards), Senior Infants from 1.20pm-1.40pm and First & Second Classes from 2.20pm-2.40pm (see timetable below).


Collection Procedure


Pupils will exit from their classroom door. Use the spots marked on the ground if they are available to you to help maintain social distancing. Please pay close attention to the class teacher’s instructions for the collection procedures. Once you have collected your child/children please exit the school grounds immediately through the exit gate.


Access to School

The school is an active building site and with Covid 19 restrictions there is no access other than by appointment.


Access to the school building is limited to staff, pupils and pre-approved essential visitors only.


Access to Schoolyard


There is an entry gate and an exit gate. Pupils should be accompanied by 1 adult only. Please leave once the door is opened, respect 2m distancing on site and leave the school yard promptly.

Early Collections

Early collections can only be facilitated for essential appointments and emergency situations. Please use the hatch at the office when you arrive. Your child will be called and will meet you at the office door.

Dropping off Forgotten Items


Insofar as possible, please do not drop in forgotten items. Exceptions only for essentials e.g. drink bottle. Please use the hatch at the office, letting us know your child and teacher’s name.

Communicating with Teachers


It will not be possible to speak to teachers informally before/after school as in previous years.

Please do not send notes into school.

Contact the class teacher via the teacher’s school email address (see class list for details).


Payment for School Books


Parents can pay for school books using Aladdin Connect online.

The link to make this payment will be available from next week.

You will receive a notification.


Physical Distancing



Increasing separation:

Classrooms have been emptied of non-essential equipment and tables reconfigured to maximise space.

Pupils from Junior Infants to Second Class are not expected to physically distance.


Decreasing interactions:

Every class in the school will be a class bubble. This bubble will remain together all day and not interact with any other bubble except for yard time where they are outdoors and can interact with children from their year group (e.g. all children in Junior Infants can play together outdoors). Support staff and SNAs interact with pupils within their designated bubbles.


Within each class, as an additional precautionary measure, the class will be subdivided into pods (small groups). 1m distance will be maintained between the pods whenever possible, although this is not a requirement according to Government guidelines.


Yard times will be staggered and each year group will remain in their designated zone and can only play with others in their year group.

Respiratory Techniques


Pupils will be regularly reminded of safe respiratory techniques. They will be asked to cough and sneeze into their elbow or a tissue.  Tissues that have been used must be disposed of in the designated bins which have been placed in every room.

                         Hand Hygiene



Pupils will be expected to perform hand hygiene:

       On arrival to school

       Before eating or drinking

       After using the toilet

       After playing outdoors

       When their hands are physically dirty

       When they sneeze or cough


Hand sanitisers are available at every entrance and exit point and within each pod in every classroom.

Breakfast Club



There is no Breakfast Club to avoid mixing class bubbles.

Pupils can arrive at any time between 8.50am and 9.10am. The first 20 minutes of school is timetabled as ‘assembly time’.

The school will provide a nutritional breakfast snack for the children to eat between those times.

Velcro Runners

Runners with velcro straps are preferable for children who cannot yet tie their shoe laces.


Sharing Items

Each child will remain at the same workstation (table/chair) each day and during the day. Sharing of items will be minimised.


Stationery will be purchased by the school for each pupil in school.


Books from the school’s shared book scheme, will be assigned per child and be used by that child only.


Art equipment will be assigned per child or quarantined for 72 hours before use by another pupil. Toys will be assigned per pod and will be cleaned before swapping to a new pod.


Items coming in and out of school

Pupils need only bring a water bottle to school. Lunches are provided by the school. Pupils bring home their lunch bag in their school bags. A small bottle of sanitiser is recommended from first class upwards. In order to minimise items coming in and out of school (and to help everyone settle back to school life), there will be no homework for the month of September.


A small bottle of sanitiser is recommended for pupils in first and second classes. All stationery will be provided by the school for each individual child. Books from the school’s shared book scheme, will be assigned per child and be used by one child only.



Additional cleaning measures have been put in place in the school.

Every classroom has been supplied with cleaning materials for day to day cleaning of work stations.

After School Activities

There will be no after school activities or clubs running in the school until after Halloween at the earliest.


Use of PPE (face masks) is not recommended for pupils under 13. Government advice changed recently with regard to staff wearing PPE. All staff are now  recommended to wear PPE (facemask/visor) where a distance of 2m cannot be maintained from other.


Finish Times:




Collection Time

Junior Infants

Collection times vary for Junior Infants for the first month of school to help settle the children into school. Class teachers will give parents a timetable when they meet them on Friday 28th August.

Room 1

Room 3

Room 2


Senior Infants


Room 7


Room 6


Room 8



First Class


Room 9


Room 12


Room 11



Second Class


Room 10


Prefab  (Mrs Owens & Mrs Kane)


Prefab (Ms O’Connor)


Note: for First and Second Classes only


·         Siblings from the Senior School can collect younger brothers and sisters in first and second class at 2.20pm.

Dates for Diary

School Closed