Dates for Diary

August 2019
Thursday 29th: School reopens for children at 9am

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Happy Easter

School will close on Friday 27th March 2015 at 12 noon for the Easter holidays. School re-opens on the 13th April.

The school has been very fortunate to have the experience of chicks hatching.  Mr. Horgan brought in eggs suitable for incubating.  They spent 21 days in the incubator. Four hatched on tuesday the 24th March and a fifth one made it the next day. On thursday they were put in a brooding box where they started eating and drinking.  The new arrivals caused great excitement in the school. Thanks to Mr. Horgan for all the hard work.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Money, Money, Money

Parents, Guardians and Grandparents were invited to a fun session all about money on Thursday 5th March, to help play games and a trip to the local shop for some shopping!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Confirmation Day

On Friday 6th March the Senior School will be celebrating Confirmation Day.  This will not affect the opening and closing times of the Junior School, which will operate as usual. If your child is normally collected by a child from the Senior School please make sure arrangements are in place for collection.
Confirmation Day is a very important day in the life of a family.  Should you have a child who is a candidate for Confirmation and would like his/her younger brother/sister to attend, the school will facilitate you in doing so by permitting you to take your child out either before of after the ceremony.