Dates for Diary

August 2019
Thursday 29th: School reopens for children at 9am

Monday, 29 August 2016

Allocation of Classes 2016-2017

Below are the class allocations for September 2016

Junior Infants:
Room 1  Ms Nulty
Room 2 Ms O'Brien
Room 3 Ms Cronin

Senior Infants:
Room 6 Ms Kerrigan (ex Rm2 Ms Mooney)
Room 7 Ms Cartwright (ex Rm1 Mrs Cabello)
Room 8 Mrs Dixon/Mrs Murray (ex Rm3 Ms Kerrigan)

1st Class:
Room 9 Mrs Breen (ex Rm6 Mrs Owens)
Room 10 Ms Lavelle (ex Rm7 Ms Curran)
Room 11 Ms O'Mahoney (ex Rm8 Mrs Greene)

2nd Class;
Room 12 Mrs Owens (ex Rm 13 Mrs Murray/Mrs Dixon)
Room 13 Mrs Greene (ex Rm12 Ms Cartwright)
Room 14 Ms Curran (ex Rm10 Ms O'Brien)

Early Start:
Room 5 Ms Elliott

Resource/ Learning Support Team:
Ms O'Neill
Ms O'Doherty
Ms Cunningham
Mrs Gallagher
Mrs Winter